I know.  Hate is such a strong word.  Maybe I really dislike the X-Box live ordeal.  Sure, it keeps my child entertained, and he can chat with his friends via the headphones without hogging up phone lines or running out of phone minutes.  But this phenomenon is wicked annoying.  Maybe I’m just a grumpy old woman. 

He gets excited and frustrated when playing online tournaments, especially if his team loses, therefore his speech is pressured and loud.  He constantly calls his friends’ names to get their attention over all the others jumbling about in the conversation.  I feel like I have to tiptoe around him because he’s talking to his friends like one would on a phone.  Then I remember that I am the Mother and I pay the rent.  To heck with tiptoe-ing around X-Box. 

When I ask or instruct for something to be done, I mean it to be done now.  Such as turning off the game and eating.  Eating kind of important.  But I am met with opposition because the kid is in the middle of some match with a team, and apparently the team will hunt him down in real life and assasinate him if he leaves the game.  Well, I don’t care.  Shut it off! 

And it the is the latter issue that irritates me the most.  The argument is no longer “I need to find a saving place!” which usually takes a second.  The argument is “but I’m in the middle of an online match!”  Grrrrrrr!

My argument back is pointing out that if I am at the stove, dinner will be ready soon.  Don’t get online!  If we need to leave in fifteen minutes, don’t get online!  In fact, don’t turn on the game system!  Please child, just think!