Mother Nature is at it again….

I used to live in Colorado, so chilling weather and snow before or on Halloween is not unusual to me.  Therefore, my beef is not really with the snow. 
But it is still lovely fall here in Massachusetts, and we live in the woods (which my friends call ‘the Boonies’).  So the red, yellow, and orange leaves are still on the trees. 
Therefore when only about two or three inches of snow fell upon the trees, they bent under the weight of the wet (not powdery) snow and many lost their battle of staying in one piece or upright.  Branches, limbs, and even a couple of smaller trees lie amongst the snow or hang from drooping power lines.  During the night of the snow, I kept waking up from the ‘crack’ of branches and bang against the roof of the house or the ground.  Throughout yesterday, snow thundered down the roof and thumped to the ground. 
So here my family is again, for the third time in four years, without power.  Fortunately, work is up and running so I am able to sit in a warmer office, wash my hands with water instead of sanitizer, and flush properly flush a toilet. 
Halloween is canceled for Chelmsford, MA and other towns and cities.  No big deal for me, as I will be heading up to a generated powered home to shower tonight. 
The bright side is that the food in the fridge won’t go bad because it’s cold.  And we can still cook on the gas-powered stove top.  But we can’t wash the dishes as the well is electronically pumped.  And the boy can enjoy the bag of Skittles I got for the trick-or-treaters.  Good thing none of us bought a Halloween costume this year.


2 thoughts on “Mother Nature is at it again….

  1. I wrote a post recently about me trying to little by little get more independent from electricity and gas. The more I manage to go more and more independent from it, the more free I feel ;). Maybe you should try it?

  2. Oh, I enjoyed the quiet, Hanna. No video games or TV shows. Just board games, books, and journals. The fire place is always soothing. But when the electricity goes out, the water cannot be pumped from the well. That is one thing we cannot live without.

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