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Childhood Movies I Made My Own Child Watch… — November 27, 2011

Childhood Movies I Made My Own Child Watch…

As my son and his friend are watching Goonies, it reminded me of the many films I loved as a child.  And I made my son watch.  So take a journey through fun cinematic memories in the days of real make-up, props, and camera tricks.  You know, prior to everything being computer generated. 

First and foremost, I sat the boy down to watch Star Wars IV, V, and VI.  He grew up with Anakin, Amidala, a young Obi-Wan, and Storm Troopers when they could kick butt.  And a digital Yoda.  Therefore, he had to watch the original with the greatest movie characters ever. 

ET: I was so excited when this movie was re-released in the theatres and took my then five year old to watch it.  He was saddened, thrilled, and frightened of the movie just as I was in my childhood.

The NeverEnding Story:  My Boy loves the movie Spirited Away, but my husband and I showed him the first movie we ever saw with a white dragon.  NeverEnding  is simply a beautiful movie full of fantastical puppets and an amazing story.  I had a crush on Atreyu. 

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure:  I know all the controversy surrounding Pee Wee, but this movie was crazed innocence about getting a beloved possession back from the spoiled brat who stole it. 

Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure:  Before Keanu Reeves breathed his famous “Whoa” in the Matrix, he sat up after being psychoanalyzed by Sigmund Freud himself during a history class project, and said “Whoooaaa…”  My son had a hard time believing the unkept Ted was the same man who played his hero, Neo.  I also had to explain to him what a phone booth was….

Edward Scissorhands:  “You’re watching this,” I told my boy while I selected Scissorhands from the On Demand movie menu one night.  “It has Captain Jack Sparrow before he was Captain Jack Sparrow.”  This movie turned made me forever  into a Johnny Depp fan.  My son greatly enjoys Scissorhands and has watched it more than once. 

And of course, Goonies.  A movie that was adventurous without unrealistic explosions and superhuman stunts.  A film that was funny without F-bombs and gratuitous sex jokes. 
What’s next?  Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Here’s a brief list of my childhood films my son chose to watch:
Land Before Time
Lost Boys

What a way to kick off the Holidays…… — November 25, 2011

What a way to kick off the Holidays……

Many franchise stores opened at midnight this morning to start the crazed Black Friday tradition of shopping for incredible bargains.  But this is a bit ridiculous…

One woman was shot in the foot at a Myrtle Beach Wal-Mart during an armed robbery attempt.

An explosive device was reportedly found in a break room refrigerator at a Wal-Mart in Arizona on Thursday.  Store was evacuated with no horrific incident.

A Black Friday shopper at a Wal-Mart in San Leandro, California was shot and critically injured during another armed robbery.

And my personal favorite:  a woman (supposedly waiting in line for a new X-Box 360 at a Los Angeles Wal-Mart) grew angry with shoppers pushing or cutting in line.  She opened fired on the crowd with pepper spray, injuring at least 15 people. 

Seriously?!?  Is this the new American holiday tradition? 

Well, Happy Holidays, everyone!  Here’s the MSN link to the article with a bit more details:

Vacationing at Home…. — November 23, 2011

Vacationing at Home….

The paid time off situation is one where if I do not take it by late December, I lose it.  Even though I am not going out of town until Thanksgiving Day, I took this week off from work and am staying home.

And thus far, I’ve really enjoyed it.

In the mornings, I get up to make sure the Boy gets out the door for the bus on time.  Instead of busying myself with make up and nice work clothes, I talked with him on a couple of times. 

A couple of days, I spent at least three hours working on my novel (too bad I’m completely changing most of the writing I accomplished).  That has been refreshing. 

The husband and I spent an uninterrupted afternoon together yesterday.  Enough said about that.  😉

Today has been rainy and cold, which is a perfect day for wrapping up in a blanket and cuddling with a cup of coffee and George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead.  Hey, it’s my vacation, so my choice of movie. 

The best thing about the vacation at home, is that I am not rushed to get be anywhere or do anything.  I can take my time doing laundry, dishes, writing, or doing nothing.

Bye, Pap — November 13, 2011

Bye, Pap

So, apparently Red Sox pitcher Joanthan Papelbon has signed up to play for the Phillies. 
He agreed to a four year deal worth $50 MILLION, making him the highest paid reliever in baseball history. 
Never mind the crazed Red Sox fans who have grown to love you, Big Papi. 
Never mind how when you step onto the mound and the crowd goes insane, because they know the game will be over soon, because you are The Closer. 

Well, see ya around, Jonathan. 
I hope the door hits you where the Good Lord split you when you leave.  Thank you for reminding me why I have such animosity towards “professional” athletes.   50 Million for tossing a stitched up leather ball around.  That’s just BS.

Halloween in Complete Darkness…. — November 2, 2011

Halloween in Complete Darkness….

Halloween was cancelled for our town due to downed power lines and outages leaving everyone in the dark and cold.  So we travelled to a friend’s house to shower on Hallow’s.  Afterwards, we watched a show on the Chiller Channel about the 13 Most Creepy Kids in movies. 
Then we drove home.
We weaved in and out of towns, some with twinkling lights on and others obviously without power. 
Often, the only light on the road was cast from the Jeep’s headlights.  I looked around nervously, and we narrowly missed an unmarked downed tree limb on the right side of the road. 
Then we arrived home.  The Boy and I shone our flashlights around when entering the house.  He eased open the door to the living room, jokingly stating that he was “checking.” 
For zombies or demented old ladies? 
No zombies or demented old ladies or creepy kids for our Halloween (at least the flashlight beams did not reveal any).  
Only absolute, consuming darkness. 
But quite fitting for Hallow’s Eve.