Halloween was cancelled for our town due to downed power lines and outages leaving everyone in the dark and cold.  So we travelled to a friend’s house to shower on Hallow’s.  Afterwards, we watched a show on the Chiller Channel about the 13 Most Creepy Kids in movies. 
Then we drove home.
We weaved in and out of towns, some with twinkling lights on and others obviously without power. 
Often, the only light on the road was cast from the Jeep’s headlights.  I looked around nervously, and we narrowly missed an unmarked downed tree limb on the right side of the road. 
Then we arrived home.  The Boy and I shone our flashlights around when entering the house.  He eased open the door to the living room, jokingly stating that he was “checking.” 
For zombies or demented old ladies? 
No zombies or demented old ladies or creepy kids for our Halloween (at least the flashlight beams did not reveal any).  
Only absolute, consuming darkness. 
But quite fitting for Hallow’s Eve.