Bye, Pap

So, apparently Red Sox pitcher Joanthan Papelbon has signed up to play for the Phillies. 
He agreed to a four year deal worth $50 MILLION, making him the highest paid reliever in baseball history. 
Never mind the crazed Red Sox fans who have grown to love you, Big Papi. 
Never mind how when you step onto the mound and the crowd goes insane, because they know the game will be over soon, because you are The Closer. 

Well, see ya around, Jonathan. 
I hope the door hits you where the Good Lord split you when you leave.  Thank you for reminding me why I have such animosity towards “professional” athletes.   50 Million for tossing a stitched up leather ball around.  That’s just BS.


2 thoughts on “Bye, Pap

  1. Big Papi is David Ortiz. Not Johnathan Papelbon. You scared me for a sec! Because David Ortiz’ future is uncertain.
    It’s more than tossing a stitched up leather ball. It’s an industry, like everything else. Except with more money, career ending injury possibilities and a crazed sports blogging community.

  2. Love your screen name, Soxy. 🙂
    I grew up cheering at the local semi-pro baseball games, as we couldn’t travel to Texas or Atlanta for the nearest profesisonal games. Since moving to Mass, I’ve wanted to take my family to at least one of every sporting event because it’s the mecca of sports teams. But we’ve only made it to a Celtics game (don’t get me started on that industry) and a Revolution vs. Galaxy game. I’ve always wanted to go to a Redsox game because they just seem to be so much fun, mostly because of the fans. But alas, rent, food, clothing, and madatory health insurance come first. 😉
    And a Patriots game is out of the question due to the costs of parking at Gillette added to the tickets. Geesh….
    Sorry about getting Pap mixed up with ‘Big Papi.’

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