The paid time off situation is one where if I do not take it by late December, I lose it.  Even though I am not going out of town until Thanksgiving Day, I took this week off from work and am staying home.

And thus far, I’ve really enjoyed it.

In the mornings, I get up to make sure the Boy gets out the door for the bus on time.  Instead of busying myself with make up and nice work clothes, I talked with him on a couple of times. 

A couple of days, I spent at least three hours working on my novel (too bad I’m completely changing most of the writing I accomplished).  That has been refreshing. 

The husband and I spent an uninterrupted afternoon together yesterday.  Enough said about that.  😉

Today has been rainy and cold, which is a perfect day for wrapping up in a blanket and cuddling with a cup of coffee and George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead.  Hey, it’s my vacation, so my choice of movie. 

The best thing about the vacation at home, is that I am not rushed to get be anywhere or do anything.  I can take my time doing laundry, dishes, writing, or doing nothing.