What a way to kick off the Holidays……

Many franchise stores opened at midnight this morning to start the crazed Black Friday tradition of shopping for incredible bargains.  But this is a bit ridiculous…

One woman was shot in the foot at a Myrtle Beach Wal-Mart during an armed robbery attempt.

An explosive device was reportedly found in a break room refrigerator at a Wal-Mart in Arizona on Thursday.  Store was evacuated with no horrific incident.

A Black Friday shopper at a Wal-Mart in San Leandro, California was shot and critically injured during another armed robbery.

And my personal favorite:  a woman (supposedly waiting in line for a new X-Box 360 at a Los Angeles Wal-Mart) grew angry with shoppers pushing or cutting in line.  She opened fired on the crowd with pepper spray, injuring at least 15 people. 

Seriously?!?  Is this the new American holiday tradition? 

Well, Happy Holidays, everyone!  Here’s the MSN link to the article with a bit more details:


2 thoughts on “What a way to kick off the Holidays……

  1. Seriously? That’s scary! Glad I don’t shop that much… Well… actually I hardly shop!–doesn’t that sound weird? I guess doing my education in Marketing Communications does effect my view on products :P. It doesn’t look so ‘flashy’ anymore :).
    I hope you are all okay there… Not caught in any shopping craziness!

  2. Marketing Communications, huh? That would be an interesting viewpoint 🙂
    My husband braved the midnight crowds at some stores and scored some excellent deals on electronics. Glad he didn’t get pepper-sprayed or shot.

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