As my son and his friend are watching Goonies, it reminded me of the many films I loved as a child.  And I made my son watch.  So take a journey through fun cinematic memories in the days of real make-up, props, and camera tricks.  You know, prior to everything being computer generated. 

First and foremost, I sat the boy down to watch Star Wars IV, V, and VI.  He grew up with Anakin, Amidala, a young Obi-Wan, and Storm Troopers when they could kick butt.  And a digital Yoda.  Therefore, he had to watch the original with the greatest movie characters ever. 

ET: I was so excited when this movie was re-released in the theatres and took my then five year old to watch it.  He was saddened, thrilled, and frightened of the movie just as I was in my childhood.

The NeverEnding Story:  My Boy loves the movie Spirited Away, but my husband and I showed him the first movie we ever saw with a white dragon.  NeverEnding  is simply a beautiful movie full of fantastical puppets and an amazing story.  I had a crush on Atreyu. 

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure:  I know all the controversy surrounding Pee Wee, but this movie was crazed innocence about getting a beloved possession back from the spoiled brat who stole it. 

Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure:  Before Keanu Reeves breathed his famous “Whoa” in the Matrix, he sat up after being psychoanalyzed by Sigmund Freud himself during a history class project, and said “Whoooaaa…”  My son had a hard time believing the unkept Ted was the same man who played his hero, Neo.  I also had to explain to him what a phone booth was….

Edward Scissorhands:  “You’re watching this,” I told my boy while I selected Scissorhands from the On Demand movie menu one night.  “It has Captain Jack Sparrow before he was Captain Jack Sparrow.”  This movie turned made me forever  into a Johnny Depp fan.  My son greatly enjoys Scissorhands and has watched it more than once. 

And of course, Goonies.  A movie that was adventurous without unrealistic explosions and superhuman stunts.  A film that was funny without F-bombs and gratuitous sex jokes. 
What’s next?  Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Here’s a brief list of my childhood films my son chose to watch:
Land Before Time
Lost Boys