I decided to take the 365 blog challenge from WordPress.  Each day, I will record a moment that somehow touched me.  I hope it touches you also. 

Earlier this evening I went grocery shopping, which is a task that tends to aggravate me to no end.  While my items were scanned and bagged, I noticed two girls in the lane next to me.  One was small enough to sit in the appropriate child’s seat in the cart.  The other stood on the floor, her dark head just barely reached over the check out counter.  They both had a Kit Kat bar.  The younger one sweetly said something we don’t hear much any more….
“Thank you.” 
In fact, she repeated it a couple of times as her brown eyes lit up with anticipation.  As she and her (presumed) sister excitedly clutched the unopened candy,  the older girl said something else that pleasantly surprised me….
“Remember, we have to wait until we get home to eat it.” 

It was so refreshing to hear a child thanking their parent for a treat.  It was equally uplifting to hear that a child in today’s “gotta have it NOW” world can delay gratification if a parent teaches it to her.