A Beautiful Moment, OneRepublic

My son and I were in the car today, stuck in a bit of last minute vacation shopping frenzy.  I had the radio set on a mix music station, and the Boy turned it up when OneRepublic’s Secrets played.  He and I swayed slightly in silence to the song.

The stereotyped belief is that parents don’t normally tolerate their children’s music.  Today, I was reminded this is not always true.  This family listens OneRepublic, techno music, U2, Gorillaz and Muse together with enjoyment.  I was also reminded that my Mother adored Elvis, and I bop around to his music today. 

I am also grateful that my son does not protest when I play 80’s or 90’s music.


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Moment, OneRepublic

  1. We blast everything from MC Hammer to George Jones in this house! My kids have a deep love for all music… and I love it! So, I often stick it through some of their music, that I must say lacks depth pretty often, but hey, we dance, they laugh, and all is well in the world!

  2. MC Hammer! YES!
    I will admit that my son gets frustrated when I make fun of Ke$ha or however you spell it. Maybe he believes I should change the radio station, but it’s too much fun immitating her annoying voice. 🙂
    I still dance around also, even when he snickers. And music often does make things seem better.

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