I love watching movies.  Since the ingenious invention of the Red Box and soaring prices of theatre tickets, I mostly watch them at home on DVD.  And as I look forward to another year of sequels, film re-makes, and The Hobbit, I reflect on 2011 ‘s films.  Granted, I have not seen all these movies, but I’ve noticed some trends.  My conclusion is that perhaps MTV, People’s Choice, etc should consider adding a few categories to the movie awards:

Best Sequel/Prequel/Next in Series Film:
Fast and Furious Five     VS     Harry Potter and     VS     Paranormal
                                                         Deathly Hallows II              Activity III

VS     Rise of the Planet     VS     Transformers          VS     Sherlock Holmes
                of the Apes                    Dark of the Moon               Game of Shadows

VS     X- Men First Class     VS   Holy Crap, I think I can keep going….. 

Best Depiction of an Alien Invasion:
Attack the Block      VS     Cowboys and Aliens      VS     Super 8

VS     The Darkest Hour

I Kicked a Lot of Butt: 
Zoe Saldana          VS     Saoirse Ronan     VS     Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner
in Columbiana                  in Hanna                     and Paula Patton in 
                                                                                  Mission Impossible, Ghost

VS     Jay Choa (as Kato)
           in Green Hornet                         

I Made You Laugh Your Butt Off: 
The Cast of           VS          The Cast of           VS      The Cast of
Bad Teacher                       Bridesmaids                         Paul

VS     Jesse Esienburg and Aziz Ansari in 
         30 Minutes or Less 

 Best Superhero Movie: 
Captain America      VS      Green Lantern     VS      Thor

Great Trip Down Memory Lane
Conan the Barbarian     VS     Fright Night     VS     The Muppets     VS     The Smurfs

Did We Really Need ( or want ) This Movie? 
Cars II          VS          Pirates of the Caribbean:
                                  On Stranger Tides

Dear God!  Please Make it Stop!!!!
Alvin and the Chipmunks:     VS     The Twilight Saga:      VS      Happy Feet Two
Chipwrecked                                      Breaking Dawn                    

 Total Waste of Film:
Your Highness