Doh!  I missed a day! 

Okay, so on Friday, January 6th, I dropped off the registration form at my son’s future technical high school.  I was greeted by the typical set of outside glass doors, a foyer, then another set of glass doors.  I opened the outside doors, then paused, looking for the familiar doorbell to push for admittance.  I found it, but also spotted a sign claiming the school is locked at 4 pm. 

I blinked.  No buzzer to ring.  No shivering in the cold while waiting for the door to open.  No leaning towards the entrance to listen for the click and hum of an automated lock releasing.    I simply opened the second door, entered the school, and turned in the registration at the front office. 

How did I feel at a school that is not completely locked?  Safe. 

So tune it later for January 7th’s Beautiful Moment.