All of us have those things we enjoy, and maybe we’re a bit ashamed to admit it, or we aren’t ashamed of our loves.  Here’s a list of my guilty pleasures:

Lady Gaga’s first album:  I also really like the song Bad Romance.  I was completely unphased when my adolescent son claimed that it was not okay for someone my age to listen to Gaga.  But I can’t help it.  And, no, I don’t do the Bad Romance Dance. 

Dexter:  A serial killer whose body is chiselled like the statue of David.  And he kills other serial killers.  What’s not to love?

Nilla Wafers dipped in Fluffernutter.  I know what you’re probably thinking.  Yuck. Or cholesterol.  But a late night TV show is much better with Nillas slathered in the peanut butter/marshmallow cream stuff. 

Mangas or Graphic Novels:  When my head gets too cluttered with daily crap, I like to unwind with a Deathnote, or currently, The Walking Dead.  They help me relax.  Though I must say that it’s weird reading a graphic novel from left to right instead of right to left like in mangas. 

Girl Scout Cookies.  This yearly tradition was a problem for me a few years ago when I had more money.  I would buy a couple of boxes from the neighborhood Scouts.  When those were devoured, I bought a couple of more boxes from the stand outside of Wal-Mart.  Then when those cookies were eaten, etc, etc, until one year I think I bought nine or ten.  Right now, I wait with much anticipation for my Caramel Delights to arrive. 

Icees.  Cherry and Coke or pineapple Icees, Slurpees, or Slushees are the summer symbols that I refuse to grow up. 

Plants Versus Zombies:  Though it’s been a few weeks since I’ve played the Pop Cap video/computer game, it is one of my favorites.  Cartoon like zombies stumble on the lawn, roof, and into the pool, and my only defense is growing mutated plants that shoot peas, prickles, or fumes at them.  Sometimes, I can’t get enough. 

80’s (and 90’s) Music:  Banana what?  Rama, of course.  Frankie still goes to Hollywood and says “Relax!”  Girls will always want to have fun.  And 99 red balloons will forever go by. 

Chewy Sweet Tarts:  I have fond memories of getting these candies at the school field day.  Now the giant sweet tarts are a road trip essential that keep me awake when driving.  Yum!

I’d love to hear other’s guilty pleasures.  Post ’em up!