Yay for Major TV Networks!

Due to recent budget cuts, we only have the basic cable of roughly 20 channels.  I miss cable shows such as The Walking Dead, Daily Show, and mostly the BBC’s Top Gear.  This week, the Mister is bummed about missing Archer and Justified. But thankfully, this season, the regular network channels have stepped up to provide some laughs, relaxation, and a bit of thrill to my evenings.  The yearning for the 500 channel cable is not nearly as strong now.  Thank God. 

For the fantasy fan inside me, I will catch an occasional episode of Once Upon a Time or Grimm, both of which bring fairy tale characters and critters to life in the modern world.  Fox’s Alcatraz got my attention this week, as I am a fan of Sam Neil and the unexplained.  As for laughs, nothing beats ABC’s Wednesday night line up, especially The Middle and Modern Family.  The character Sue Heck is stealing the Middle’s show this season, and the Modern Family has no signs of slowing down.  Next month, I look forward to hopefully getting some chills from The River

So thank you, major TV networks, for beautiful moments after a long day’s work. 



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