I’ve been doing yoga for about seven or eight years.  I cannot sit on my head yet, nor is this one of my goals.   I always start with animal stretches: the cat and dog, then cobra, and now the frog.  A few more pretzel poses on the floor are done before I engage in several warrior stances, which are my favorites.  I don’t do many tree stands anymore, as my balance needs improving.  I often finish with a couple of head stands.  But I have been trying to achieve new poses or adding some simpler ones in my routine.  I’m also trying new toning exercises to build muscle.  Years ago, I did a few stretches on the floor in my office to relieve neck and back tension. 

But recently, my back and neck are almost constantly stiff or in pain.  I’ve attempted to change my exercises, incorporate some massages, and add yoga stances, but nothing has helped since before Christmas. 

So today, I decided to go back to my normal routine of animals, pretzels and warriors.  Mentally, I feel rested and peaceful.  The upper back is not in pain, yet the neck remains stiff.  I think the lesson is to not change a good thing, especially if it benefits me.  Go back to my roots when yoga truthfully revived and restored my body and mind.  Get up out of my chair at the office and bring the cat and tree back into my day.