Beautiful Moment…Writers Group

I greatly appreciate my local writers group.  Being involved in the group has motivated me to write, write, and write.  The experience thus far has helped me feel much more comfortable about the possibility of other people reading my work.  The members point out the many holes in my story and constructively give suggestions.  My writers group consists of a variety of talented people writing in different genres.  One woman often brings short stories based on events and people in her life and possesses the ability to make her readers really loathe the antagonist.  The calm sci-fi writer knew an abundance about current trends in publishing.  There’s the grammatically correct one who greatly aides with the typos, repeated words, and structure of paragraphs.  Then there’s the fantasy writers, including me. 

I used to rush on the weekends to complete my chapters for the Tuesday groups, but have learned from others how make writing a habit during the week.  Blogging each day has also greatly helped ease the writer’s block.  Hopefully this passion will one day become second nature to me. 

I found my writers group at my awesome library in town.  If you are interested in joining a writing circle, I would suggest you look into your library.   You can search the internet also.


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