A Beautiful Moment….Good-bye, Catherine.

CSI has been one of my favorite television shows for years.  After a heart wrenching good-bye to Warrick, a solemn fare well to Grissom, and a sudden leave by Dr. Langston, the CSI team said it’s good-bye to another long timer, Catherine Willows. 

In case you did not catch the episode last night and DVR’ed it, I won’t spoil the reasons for her departure.  I haven’t watched much this season, as I really liked the Dr. Langston and Nick Stokes team of last season. 

But I had to catch Willows last episode, leaving behind a legacy of dramas, promotions and demotions.  I knew CSI would be very different without Grissom, but Ray (played by the one and only Lawrence Fishburne) proved to be an interesting replacement character.  Yet, I am not sure what the series will be without Catherine Willows.  It’s difficult for me to accustom myself to the new characters that come and go, but such is life.  My husband did point out that Ted Dansen is doing well on the show, the role fits him, and it’s great seeing him in something other than sit-coms. 

I do know one thing….if Nick or Greg ever leave the show, it is over. 


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