My Writer’s Open Road.

Today’s Beautiful Moment is sponsored by a sudden desire and ability to keep writing.  I’ve experienced writer’s block more than once.  I either sat at the computer, staring blankly or out the window, while only one paragraph is added to my wizard book.  Or I didn’t even touch a notebook or the computer for days. 
But lately, I’ve been plowing through the story, completely inspired to finish this story before the end of the year.  At some parts in the story, it moves too fast, not providing my current readers in the Writers Group enough detail or information.   Therefore, I do not have a writer’s block, but an open road in front of me, waiting to be traveled. 
What do I owe this inspiration and motivation?  It’s simple:
Because I want to be a published writer.  I’ve dreamed of it since I was ten.
I’m not getting any younger and am slowly running out of time. 
My writers group has greatly encouraged me to keep going.
A couple of books and articles about writing have helped me stay focused on the plot, characters, and storyline during a first draft.  Then go back add the transitional pieces and fillers. 
A husband and son who understand I need uninterrupted computer time!  (so when he woke up late last night wanting to write about Volkswagens, I did not complain)

But I wonder if my new-found motivation is intruding in other parts of my life.  I can’t wait to get home after work, eat dinner, spend some times with the family, and write.  I once lost track of time before work because I was typing  the novel.  This morning, I almost frantically searched for a piece of scrap paper in the purse to quickly jot down an idea for a current chapter before heading to a meeting.  Once, while waiting at the veterinarian’s office, I wrote on a napkin.  I see the story playing like a movie sometimes.  But is that okay?  I think it is.


4 thoughts on “My Writer’s Open Road.

  1. I have sent myself text messages when my writing bug bit an inopportune times! I share your dream to become a published author someday, and maybe with ebooks that is becoming an easier thing to accomplish!

  2. Text messages…..that’s cool. Today, names for a couple of characters from a story I abandoned at least a year ago must popped into my head. They went on a scrap sheet of paper that was slipped to my appointment book.

  3. When inspiration hits it does seem the item just begins to write itself. For me, everything else went by the wayside (housework, proper meals, phone messages) until the writing was done – or, at least, a draft. Good to inform family/friends just outta the picture for awhile. Glad you are enjoying a stretch of inspired writing.

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