Well, I’ve missed about four days in my 365 Blog challenge, and it’s only January.  Am I a loser?  No.  Am I beating myself up about it?  No. 

But I am thinking about what I will do every day:
*Pray.  I do still have about a 1/2 ounce of hope.
*Prioritize a few work tasks.  This way, I am not overwhelmed each day.  I am only one woman after all. 
*Put the same energy into my family as I do my clients.  It won’t be that hard to take a few minutes each day to organize my son’s school/activity/chore schedule.
*Something for myself.  I care for others, therefore I need to take care of myself, whether it’s doing my nails nice or simply doing my laundry. 

I’ll continue sharing my Beautiful Moments as they happen.