As you may know from a previous post, I am not the biggest American football fan.  I really don’t understand the game.  But I have plenty of friends who enjoy the game, and we’ll be heading up to New Hampshire for a Super Bowl party.
What I do love is the commercials.  Though it will be very hard to beat last year’s most excellent commercial:

(This extended version video is brought to you by YouTube)

Yet, before heading to the Big Game, there’s a few things to prepare.  We’re bringing the classic sausage snack, Pigs in a Blanket, along with a veggie plate.

Earlier this morning, we had to turn off the WBZ radio news because it was all about the Super Bowl.  Particularly how the capitalism Monster is taking over Indianapolis.  The WBZ sports reporter claimed the cab prices to the stadium increased every day.  One hundred dollars to park at the stadium.  Fifty bucks to ride the shuttle to the stadium.  Either way, people are getting screwed, but I don’t think they care.  Not to mention the thousands of dollars for some tickets to the game.  With the economy in the crapper, how are people affording this?  Yet, people are silly enough to pay…..
I remember a certain concert in 1994, where my generation did not tolerate being charged a ton of money for a bottle of water.  And they rioted.

Oh well.  Everyone have fun today.  The Super Bowl is practically a national holiday.