Hey, New England Patriots!  You just lost the Super Bowl!  What are you going to do next?
Pout?  Sulk?  Figure out what went wrong?  Acknowledge the disappointment to the fans who spent a ridiculous amount of money to attend the Super Bowl?  Well, many did. 
But News 7 out of Boston had cameras rolling during the after party.  Apparently some Patriots either were not as bothered by the loss as their die-hard fans, or they chose to live it up to feel better about it:

One of those LMFAO partying players included Rob Gronkowski, who suffered an ankle injury in the play off game against the Ravens a couple of weeks ago.  One fan summed it up by stating that perhaps his ankle is not that badly hurt.  Therefore, he could have played better.

My brain simply is not sure what to do with this.  I was only slightly bummed that the Patriots lost.  I was disappointed with most of the commercials.  I was already a bit miffed when finding out M.I.A. flipped off the nation during the spectacular half time show.  Plus, I had way more fun playing with my friend’s two-year old twins than sitting on a couch watching the game.  And truthfully, I have too much to be concerned about and not waste time worrying how a bunch of overpaid people celebrate after losing the country’s biggest sporting event.  And fans seem split about the incident also, as seen in the news report.  Some are livid.  Some understand and feel the Pats have the right to party like rock stars with a pop band.  Some of these guys might not ever see another Super Bowl, so why not live it up?  I’m certainly not complaining about the ripped muscles when they took their shirts off.  Now they are sexy, and they know it, LMFAO.