My son is a bit like I was as a teen-ager, with his ears plugged with headphones that pump music into his head.  But today’s sounds are more DeadMaus and Gorillas, whereas my sounds were the metal hair-bands of the 80’s, then the alternative and grunge bands on the 90’s.  The big difference today is the Turtle Beach X-Box headphones, which the boy yells into.  I may smash those things to pieces one day.  But,  I’m sure I got all over my mother’s nerves when she could not get my attention because I didn’t hear her while I bobbed my head around to music.  Today, I grew tired of having to tap my son’s shoulder every time I need to speak to him.

You don’t have to wear the headphones all of the time, I explained to him.  I like techno music, so I don’t mind hearing Skrillex, I remind him.  So he does not have to be plugged in constantly.   When I’m watching TV or listening to my own music he doesn’t want to hear, then by all means, stop up the ears and listen to your own jams.  He did not argue and let some techno bump into the house.  So this morning was hopefully the start of some “unplugged” music sessions.