The Grammy Awards are always entertaining, but not always predictable.  Last year when Arcade Fire took home Album of the Year, my jaw dropped open.  I never suspected an alternative band would earn thes honor.   But this shows that the Grammy Awards are continuing to evolve with music. 

Adele snatched all six of her nominations, including Record and Album of the Year, leaving the jazzy and flashy pop artists of Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars empty handed this year.  Grammy is honoring the pure talent of soulfull song writing and a voice that captures the heart.  Congrats, Adele, you deserve it all.

Tributes to Whitney Houston reigned this evening, including host LL Cool J exercising his right to religion by holding a public prayer on the air.  Jennifer Hudson was beautiful and belted out the song “I Will Always Love You.”  Most people can’t even carry this tune.  Tony Bennett was charming as always, and the Beach Boys still rock.  I was surprised that a tribute was not done for the one and only Diana Ross, even though she also was honored with a Life Time Achievement. 

Every once in a while, the Grammy’s take a detour off the Pop Music Road by allowing alternative (Red Hot Chili Peppers) or metal bands (Metallica) and gospel perform live on stage.  During these brief moments, everyone is reminded that all kinds of music is written and played.  Last night, the DJ’s finally stepped in to the spotlight.  Grammy finally paid attention to those who can smash a beat and turn a sound.  DeadMau5 and David Guetta will now be household names.  Giant mouse heads will pop up  everywhere now, stickers, t-shirts, Halloween costumes.  I’ve been wanting a few for a couple of years now.  Even the Best New Artist category honored the dance/electronic music by nominating sensation Skrillex. Although Moby and Daft Punk (in conjunction with Kanye) have performed on the Grammy stage in the past, I feel the dance scene will have a few more appreciative ears now.  Perhaps musical geniuses like the Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Darude, and Paul Oakenfold will now receive the recognition they deserve.