This beautiful moment is brought to you by a three week old baby boy and his mother, my supervisor, who brought him to a meeting for all to swoon over. 

Yesterday’s clinician team meeting focused on a couple of things, including admiring a new born baby.  I was the first to hold the little bundle of joy, who wasn’t quite comfortable in my skinny arms until I rested him against my shoulder.  There is something amazingly soothing about holding a baby, at least when he’s calm.  I guess the soft skin and wiggling, warm little body bring out the more gentle, nurturing side of women.  A baby helps put me at ease, because they can sense when their caregivers are tense, therefore making the ones who hold them calm down.   

This mini-man was adorable with blue eyes and a patch of red hair spiking up on his round head.  For only being three weeks old, he was alarmingly alert and already holding his head up off my shoulder.  He was a vocal little one, grunting and squealing a few times.   It was so refreshing to take a few moments and just smile and coo over a new life.   It was funny watching the difference between the mothers holding the baby and the women who were not mothers.  We seasoned mothers held him firm, with confidence, and patted his back and diapered bum with a bit more *oomph.*  Those that did not have their own babies held him with uncertainty, and one was nervous about walking across the room with him.  The young man who came to look at the baby, stayed on the other side of the room from him.  We won’t get started on that….