Another Beautiful Moment brought to you by the kiddos.

My son had a small sleepover last night, although two of the kids did not sleep.  Just how many video games can one play before the brain is mush?  Anywho, I appreciate one huge thing about sleepovers:

The house is clean.

There were no dishes on the counter tops when I came home.  The bathroom shined.  Nobody’s jacket lay strewn over the couch.  The floor was nicely vacuumed.  The Boy’s bed sheets lay straight and crisp on the mattress.  The Star Wars figurines now stand at attention in the Darth Vader holder, instead of scattered about like corpses in a mini war zone.  Although a few of his favorite characters line the windowsill.  I almost did not recognize his room when I first came home from work.

Yes, the living area is a mess of blankets, game controllers, and overgrown teen-aged boys.  The air mattress takes up most of the room, and I’m sure the TV is about to scream “Enough with the Modern Warfare game!”  And the half-gallon of orange juice was inhaled at breakfast.  But I was motivated this morning to wash the few dinner dishes before starting the pancakes, sausage, and bacon.

I am positive this “motivation” to keep the house spotless is quite temporary.