Every year I put the TV on to the Oscars.  In the recent years, I aske myself repeatedly, why do I watch them?  Like almost every Oscar event, I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated, and never heard of some.  Because I was outvoted during the family Christmas movie tradition, I missed out on Hugo.  Great actors get nominated for roles that are secondary to earlier performances, such as Brad Pitt. To me, playing a serial killer (Kalifornia) or a bare-fisted boxing pikey (Snatch), well outweighs playing in a baseball movie. Oh well.

There is two particular awards that I usually disagree with.  One being Sound Editing/Mixing.  All three Transformers movies have alien robots changing into cars, explosions, and gunfire, and were nomiated.  Yet they all lost to someone else.  This year, Transformers 3 was defeated by a movie that appears to deserve it, Hugo.
But I mostly disagree with the Achievement in Make-Up Award.  Yes, it is impressive that artists turned Meryl Streep into Margaret Thatcher.  But this category is where fantasy and horror films should dominate.  Aging someone and giving them a gap in their teeth does not compare to transforming someone into a wrinkled, pointy eared goblin.  Or into a snake-faced warlock.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows definitely deserved the Achievement in Make-up.  As do the artists that bring us hordes of rotting, walking dead when Romero and other horror masters grace us with zombie movies.  Oscar, why are you hating on the undead?

And Angelina Jolie…..standing with her leg jutted out of her awesome dress, as if to rub in our faces that she is a beauty goddess.  Really?  I did like that the award winner made fun of her.

So why do I watch bits and pieces of the Oscars?  Maybe because everyone else does and I want to talk about it with others the following day?  Meh….
Oh yeah, this guy:

Billy Crystal

He has not gone wrong when hosting.

With this year’s movie line up full of mostly remakes and sequels, we’ll see how Oscars go.