It is 50 + degrees outside.  Due to the abnormally mild winter, there’s a couple of inches of real snow on top on fake snow down at Nashoba Valley Ski Area.  A giant hole was gouged out the base of the hill, lined with tarp and filled with water.  What time is it?  Time to mark the end of the ski season at Nashoba with the Pond Skim.  The object of this annual event is to ski or snowboard down the hill, then skim across the man-made pond.  Or crash spectacularly into the freezing water as you try.
Skiers and boarders either dress in crazy swim trunks or in costumes based on the chosen theme.  Spectators in the front row be warned!  Some snowboarders love to swivel their boards and splash the crowd with the chilling water.  This year, yours truly was soaked from the waist down.  2012’s theme was super heros and villians.  Superman, a shirtless Spiderman, a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle, the Joker, and even Quail Man from Nickelodeon’s Doug, zipped down the hill and attempted to cross the 79 foot pond.  The Joker had the best run, in my opinion, successfully crossing the pond in his famous purple and green suit, and splashing up much water in his wake.  The women folk displayed more awesome crashes into the water.

Sometimes I feel I should participate in the event.  My track record entails falling spectacularly down the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, so I’m sure a nice face plant into the water at the Pond Skim would be quite entertaining.