Excuse me, people sitting patiently in the waiting area of the clinic, but you may want to duck or get against the wall.
Why, you ask.
Because the printer/fax/copier is about to go flying through the glass window and crash into the far wall. 

Do you not just *love* it when equipment that is meant to save time actually wastes time? 
So, the big main copier/printer that the clinicians and intensive care coordinators use in the office kept getting paper jams.  I think I cursed it the other day while waiting in line for my notes to print.  I mentioned that the machine would quit on us one day because we over use it.  And it did.  So we all now needed to use the smaller fax/copier/printer in the office coordinators’ space.  And heaven forbid if Missey Twisted wanted to save some trees and try to print two-sided copies in a copier that does not normally do this.  I think I wasted more paper trying to get it to face the correct way when opening the drawer and re-loading the paper.  Then my pretty green paper got jammed in the little copier.  Great.  I was able to open the doors and retrieve it.
But then the doors and latches would not all go back into place right away. 
I step back, sigh, and close my eyes.
And I picture myself howling like a lunatic, lifting the copier off the counter, and hurling it through the window and into the waiting area. 
Therefore, heads up everyone. 
I think I would have felt awesome and quiet powerful and relieved after sending the machine shattering through glass. 
But only for a moment.  I’m sure the consequences of my impulsive actions would have been dire.