There is much construction going on in the Mill Building these days.  Solar panels are being installed into our roof.  Some sort of school or classrooms are going next door to our offices. 
Therefore, we get an email today, notifying us that electricians have shut off the air conditioner.  Most of the windows are open in the main community service area and in clinician’s offices to allow air to circulate through. 
And as one co-worker pointed out, better to shut off the AC today than on Friday, when Massachusetts will see record breaking 80+ degree weather for the first week of spring.  Amen to that.
For now we get to enjoy the sounds of cooing pigeons and tweeting birds.  The steady rumbling of traffic.  The cathedral bells tolling the hours.  The roar of a motorcycle to announce that he simply owns a cycle.  The booming base of someone who thinks we all want to hear his car stereo.  Police sirens.  Profanity from five stories down on the street, which somehow carries up the stories and sounds like it’s right outside my window. 
That reminds me… I should turn on all the sound machines in the office. 
None the less, it is a gorgeous day in Lawrence, Massachusetts and my lunch break is a Beautiful Moment.