There’s a saying that is echoed in a Rolling Stones song:  “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll get what you need.”
Well that is not the case in the Land of Missey Twisted.
I need a job that supports my little family:  Don’t have that.
My veteran husband needs a job that can support his family:  Don’t have that.
I need to pay my bills:  Not doing that-> See the aforementioned needs.
I need affordable health insurance:  Dont’ have that.  (Hopefully will get it soon though)
I need more sleep: But according to the way I feel, am not getting that.

My son did not need to break his arm:  Got that.
I do not need to be charged outrageous amounts for medical procedures my doctor claimed would be covered:  Got that.
I do not need anymore debt:  Getting more and more into it, as we can’t pay for groceries or gas.
Did not need the Mister to be in a 4-car pile up on the Lowell Connector:  Got that.  (Thankfully, he is not injured, but the Jeep is another story…)
I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE STRESS.  (if stress was money, I’d be very rich)

Therefore, Missey Twisted’s current philosophy is:
I don’t get what I need; I get what I don’t need.