Mega-millions fever is spreading like a juicy rumor.  The Mister sometimes buys a ticket with some leftover change.  But today, I got in on the action.
Another woman stood also in line with her chosen numbers while we waited at Cumberland Farms to be given printed tickets. At least two or three other people came in for “quick picks” in the few moments I was there.   I glanced down at my somewhat randomly chosen sets of numbers, and my heart pounded.
Boston News last night reported that the Mega-millions jackpot could climb from $540 million (already the largest in U.S. history) to $600 million by tonight’s drawing.

What would I do with all that money?
Well, first some would have to go towards medical bills, because I’m positive I would hyperventilate or have a heart attack upon hearing my numbers read aloud.
Then, we wouldn’t pay a penny more than what our rickety house and plot of land is worth, and build a nice four bedroom home, with two bathrooms, a dishwasher, and deck out back.  A house that doesn’t leak, has air conditioning, and easier to heat in the winter.  Plus, we’d put another dock out onto Heart Pond.  And the Mister would get a car garage almost as big as the house.
I would either get a new VW Beetle, or give my current Beetle a major face lift and engine overhaul.  Or maybe a Mini.  Or maybe and Audi A-3.
I’d walk into any university I wanted, pull out the checkbook and ask when I can enroll in their Doctorate of Psychology program.  (:p~~~~~~ to you, Ivy League Scholars, make way for the Mouth from the South)
Start my own progam to help struggling graduates pay off their student loans.
Put some money aside for the Boy.
Fix my teeth.
And of course, travel.  Take a summer or something to go on a tour of Asia.

What would you do?

Scratch that , people …..  640 MILLION DOLLAAAAAAHHHHHZ.