Thankfully, the Boy has shown interest in something other than video games:  longboards.  The first time he rode one, he was about six years old.  And when he dismounted and held the board longways up beside him, it was as tall as him.  So cute.  Recently one of his neighborhood friends got a couple of longboards for his birthday, so they go riding together.

Being in need of a new helmet for biking, and earning money from a neighbor a few days ago, I took him and a friend to the mall yesterday.  We were supposed to start off at Zumiez to check out helmets and longboards, but Newbury Comics highly distracted the boys for a while.  When finally making it to Zumiez, a salesperson was very helpful as my son stood on a few complete longboards.  His adolescent feet dwarfed one of the thinner bamboo boards.  It was decided that he needed to start with a cruiser, since it’s mostly flat around here.  The last board he stood on was a Sector 9 black deck with some blue pattern on the bottom.  It also had wide, soft wheels, which is what I preferred.   The Boy said he really liked it as he leaned to and fro, testing its flexibility and handling.  But, I explained, you need a helmet today, and we won’t be buying a longboard today.  (Birthday coming up in July)  He understood completely, and picked out a Triple 8 helmet.  Now I’ll feel a bit better about him biking to his drum lessons.

I separated from the boys at this time, heading out to purchase the first of at least four wedding gifts we’ll be buying this year for various couples.  Yet, I whispered to the Zumiez salesperson to please hold the last Sector 9 longboard from the front display case.  I’m sure the boys went to Gamestop while I bought the wedding gift.  Then I was back at Zumiez, and the salespeople instantly pulled out my son’s future birthday gift.

But with no box and no bags large enough to hold the longboard, I carried it with the soft underside against my hip through the Pheasant Lane Mall.

I glanced down at the Sector 9, suddenly transported back to when I was 13 and zipping along my streets on my own skateboard.  I grinned softly, fighting back the urge to pop the longboard down on the tiled floor and skating towards Target, which is where I always park.  Yet, with my lack of gracefulness, I’m sure my polka-dotted goloshes wearing feet would have slipped off the deck, and I would have impaled myself with my umbrella.  Plus, how embarrassing would it be to tell a 30-something year old woman with a Macy’s bag to stop skateboarding in the mall?  But it would have been pretty awesome though.

Now the Sector 9 rests under our bed for another few weeks until the birthday.  And I’m still fighting off the urge to ride it through the lanes.