The MTV Movie Awards rolled out this past weekend, which I did not watch this year because we do not have cable.  But this is the movie award show I truthfully enjoy watching because it celebrates movies people actually watch.  Another reason I dig the MTV Movie awards is the categories:  Best Fight Scene, Best Hero, Best Dirtbag.  But I’d like to propose my own category, along with my winners:  Best Cameo Appearances.

The Cast of “Dawson’s Creek” in Muppets From Space (1999) :
The Muppet Movies are riddled with great cameos, from Brook Shields to Jim Parsons.  But one of my faves is when the cast of teen drama “Dawson’s Creek” waited in the fields for the alien arrival.  The piece included a young Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson (of Fox’s Fringe fame).

Whoopi Goldberg, The Little Rascals, 1994.
A dread-locked Buckwheat skips along just before the big soap box car race.  He smiles and points into the audience, seated in the bleachers.
“Look, there’s my Mom!”  And Whoopi Goldberg smiles are waves back.  Sweet.

Kathy Bates in Stephen King’s The Stand (1994): 
As the Super Flu plagued humanity and thousands dropped dead, disc jockey Rae Flowers (played by Bates) ran a radio station all by herself for a day.  Yet her views of the flu cost her her life, which was shockingly aired on her radio show….

Pegg (left) and Wright. By the way, in case of zombie apocalypse, I would so get my Picture With a Zombie….

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead (2005): Around the time  of Pegg’s performance in the amazingly funny  in Shawn of the Dead, he and his friend, Edgar, were zombified for Romero’s fourth installment of his legendary franchise.  Simon and Edgar played “photo booth zombies,” where people could get their pictures taken with a pair of zombies securely chained out of harm’s way.

Timothy Olyphant voice over in Rango (2011):
A pet tropical lizard gets lost in the dry American west.  The poncho wearing Spirit of the West, gruffly and mysteriously voiced by Mr. Olyphant, guides him.  Hey, animated films can have cameos also.

Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean, At World’s End (2007): Our favorite pirates gathered at the Brethren Court, and Captain Teague (Richards) made sure no one broke the pirate code.

Christopher Knight and Florence Henderson in The Brady Bunch Movie (1995):
What Generation X kid did not love the Brady Bunch?  Peter, played by Knight, was my favorite Brady.  Knight appeared as a teacher in a cafeteria, getting onto one of the newer Brady Boys.  And Grandma Brady visited the family at the end of the movie.  Who better to play her, than Mrs. Brady herself, Florence Henderson.

Image from All Movie Photos.

  Dr. Phil and Shaquille O’Neal, Scary Movie 4 (2006): This is my absolute favorite opening in the Scary Movie franchise.  Dr. Phil cuts off the wrong foot and admits he’s not a real doctor.  Shaq misses a shot.  Dr. Phil drops the “mother” of all curse words.

Although I did not rank the above cameos, I did save the best one for last.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present
Bill Murray as himself in Zombieland (2009):

Tallahassee, Columbus and the girls need a safe place to crash on their way to Pacific Playland as zombies have taken over America.  Tallahassee (portrayed by Woody Harrelson) drives them to Bill Murray’s mansion, where they drink wine, practice shooting, and play a scene from Ghostbusters.  In this photo, Murray shows the few survivors how to make themselves up like zombies in order to walk around with the Dead.  For those who have not seen the film, I will NOT spoil the moment that makes this the Greatest Cameo Ever.

Supposedly, Stephen King appears in every film that was based on his books.  Also, master of suspense and horror, Alfred Hitchcock, has cameos in all of his films.