*WARNING: This blog contains explisit curse words!*

Earlier this week, the town of Middleboro, Massachusetts passed a fine of $20 for people heard swearing in public.
Ain’t that a &*^@#.
Apparently, just over 200 townspeople participated in voting for this, and it passed with a 183 to 50 vote.  But I’m sure not everyone’s voice was heard.  As of June 12, police had created a specific list of words that could be fined, stating that for right now, it is up to the officer’s discretion.
Well, this could be nice.  Perhaps punk kids who misuse the F-bomb and say it every fifth word will get a vocabulary.  Maybe men will learn that we women do not tolerate being called bee-otches.  Maybe kids will learn not to call their mothers bee-otches when they are told “No” in public.  Hmmmm…..


This law goes against the very first amendment of our Constitution:  Freedom of Speech.
It also brings up a few questions:
What constitutes a “swear” word?  I don’t like the term ‘douch bag.’  Yet it is a very common noun in New England.  Other people love the F-bomb because of the way it feels coming off their lips.  So, how will this be defined?
What if someone is wearing this shirt?

Image of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Will he/she get fined?  I mean, they are not actually speaking the curse word in this instance…..

What if someone drops something really heavy on their toe and screams out “@#%^ !”  Will they get fined?
What if a cop screams &^%$  !!  ?
What if the president calls someone an a-hole in Middleboro?

I suppose my point is that I am uncertain if any good will come out of this law.