My little family of three holds great respect for skateboarding.  We see it as a sport where the athletes have amazing talent and guts of steel.  Would you plummet down a straight vertical surface and pull off some massive tricks?  Would you dare grind a metal railing with nothing but a wooden board between you and your jewels?  We love the X-Games and have been to a Boom Boom Huck Jam.  Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Rob Dyrdek are common names in our household.  Yeah, I’m showing my age.  The Mister and I were very proud when our son began mastering the “ollie.”

And now long-boarding has become popular again.  These boards are often shaped like surf boards, have wider wheels, and are obviously longer than their skateboard brothers.  It’s a smooth and fast ride.  Some people impressively modify long boards to fit their style of riding and their comfort.

I do not mind sharing my roads with modes of transportation other than cars.  I ride my bike through town almost every weekend and obey traffic laws, meaning I stop at stop signs and ride on the right side of the road.  But where exactly do skate/long boarders belong on these roads?  Sidewalks?  Possible, if they are not crowded.  Streets?

I can tell you some places you DO NOT belong.

You have NO RIGHT to run red lights and zoom in front of moving cars.  In fact, that is beyond arrogant to just plain stupid.  If you ride the road, follow the rules.  The ‘red’ color of a stop light does not mean it is optional.  What makes it even more stupid, is that you sometimes do this without wearing a helmet.  Sure, your curly ‘fro looks great blowing back in the wind as you cut off cars who have the right away.  But that ‘fro won’t look good when it smashes into my windshield or splatters against the concrete just because you made a moronic decision.

You DO NOT BELONG riding in the middle of the street.  Be like bicycles and get over to the right.  Those of us that have to commute in boring automobiles do not want you as a hood ornament.  Get out of the way.

And, if you are going to travel the WRONG WAY down a ONE WAY street, then get on the sidewalk.  Be respectful of us pedestrians, as we have the right of way on sidewalks.

Skater boys and girls, you do have a place on the city streets and neighborhood roads.  But lose the entitled attitude.  Lose the stupidity.  Live to skate another day.