The summer Olympic games opened and closed in the city of London England with extremely busy ceremonies displaying hundreds of people flooding the arena and moving around to some, ahem, interesting, choreography.  But I did enjoy the homages paid to Britain’s contributions to literature, music, and comedy in both Ceremonies.  Mary Poppins fighting villains, Annie Lennox’s amazing gothic display, and Fatboy Slim’s performance on top of an octopus were all highlights for me.  The torch was amazing, creative, unique and a very touching symbol.

Yet I noticed Who was missing from both the opening and closing ceremonies.  In fact, I noticed not one or two Who’s, but eleven Who’s that I did not see in either spectacles.

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Yes, the world’s most beloved Timelord, Doctor Who, was nowhere to be found.  At least for us fans across the Atlantic in the United States.  Perhaps he did make an appearance, but it was not aired?  Anyone know?

During both dizzying ceremonies, I awaited patiently for the industrial ‘whoosh’ sound of the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), the Doctor’s trusty blue telephone booth/time-space-dimension craft to sound.  I hoped it would rise up in the center of the stage, or even zip across the screens set up over the arena.  And then the door would creak open and there’s Matt Smith, or better yet, the deliciously charming and charismatic David Tennant, waving to the crowd and firing his sonic screwdriver at Daleks who were upset they didn’t get to send any athletes to the games.

But, alas, no.

Yet the eleventh and current Doctor Who, Matt Smith, did carry the Olympic torch.  But I anticipated an appearance by Britain’s premier and outstanding contribution to science fiction, who has saved us humans from weeping angels, Daleks, and other extra terrestrial beings since 1963.  And I, possibly like many other Doctor Who fans around the world, was quite disappointed when not seeing even one little flash of the TARDIS or any of the eleven Timelords.  But again, perhaps the Good Doctor made an appearance during one of the ceremonies, and the U.S. had to cut to a commercial, or perhaps he showed up at the after party, which I did not watch because I have to work in the morning.  😦

A bit of Missey Twisted history:  I started watching Doctor Who on PBS when I was about eight years old.  They showed re-runs of the Fourth Doctor Series, portraying the wildly popular Tom Baker.  I secretly wanted to travel with him in the blue phone box, borrow his cool scarf and brown trench coat whenever he wouldn’t be looking.  I probably would have eaten all his ‘jelly baby’ candies.  I was a big fan of his traveling companion, Sarah.  Yet the Fifth Doctor did not interest me so much.  I did not follow the show much until the Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, in 2005.  This guy was fun to me.  Then when he regenerated into the 10th Doctor, I fell absolutely head-over-heels for David Tennant.  My favorite of his companions was Martha, a medical doctor.

Next year, Doctor Who will celebrate 50 years of awesome adventures!