This beautiful moment is brought to you by NBC and YouTube.

America’s Got Talent is one of the few television shows I actually enjoy watching.  I used to watch just a couple of episodes each season, but did not miss a moment a couple of years ago when Michael Grimm won America’s heart.  For the past few years, after the U.S. votes for the top 12 or 16 or whatever, acts featured on YouTube are given the stage.

After tonight’s complete waste of almost two hours, I think it is time NBC, AGT, and its producers should hang up the YouTube special.  Tonight featured a comedian that started off fair, then fizzled out, a charming magic trick, some okay singers, and an air guitarist that should not have been allowed on stage.  Eeesh.  I felt the judge’s disappointment, exhaustion, and the when-will-this-end experience.

But alas, towards the end, a creative dance team in skeletal make-up rose the crowd to its feet.

The question is, was that act enough?  My answer is no.  AGT may need to face the fact that it may not find another Jackie Evancho.