My urban adventures during work hours  often land me at a nearby Dunkin Donuts, which is easy because they are on almost every street corner.  The other day, I went to use up the last of my gift card but did not quite have enough on it to cover the Oreo Coolatta spectacular thing on my card (and no cash).  The manager said “No problem,” and let me have it with the card 🙂

Over the weekend at the Pheasant Lane Mall in NH, I was crashing while the Boy wandered around the shops.  So I ordered and paid for a small mocha-almond, iced, half decaf/half caffeinated with cream and sugar coffee.  I got a medium.  Woo-hoo!

Now about a year ago, I attempted very hard to give up coffee.  Obviously, I regressed and trying again.  I have switched to half caffeinated, and really notice I am not near as jittery.