This beautiful moment is brought to you by a typical American neighborhood.

The Boy and I enjoyed a ride on this partly cloudy day; he glided about on his long board and I pedaled my trusty Giant bike.  After dodging around some spectators and parked cars at the 4-H fair, we headed into “the lanes.”  Our woodsy neighborhood has seven small streets that are all connected and many nearby children ride the bikes, scooters, trikes, etc around safely.  Dogs enjoy walks around the lanes.

Shortly after entering “the lanes,” my head snapped to the right.  Two pumpkins sat on a porch as if ready for the fall season.

Pumpkins?  What?

It’s August, people!  It is still a wonderful 80 + degrees outside!  The kids are not in school yet!  Therefore, it is still officially SUMMER!  Please, can’t we celebrate the joyous occasion of our children returning to school or get through the Labor Day beach trips and BBQ’s before we bust out with the autumn decorations?  Do we have to rush head-long into the holiday season?

No, I say!  Zeesh!

Enjoy the last couple weeks of summer, y’all.