The latest urban adventure took me and the family to the second of four weddings this year.  This matrimony was held at the charming Kinney Bungalow down in Narragansett, RI.  The Bungalow itself rests on the acres of the Sunset Farm.  So when we stood in the parking lot waiting for the ceremony, rows of corn watched us from the side.  And there was a helicopter sitting in the back parking lot, with an interesting story behind it:

Oh, hello there.

The pilot of this fine craft flew in to the farm earlier on Sunday to assist with cutting/trimming some trees, but was stung by many bees.  Thus he needed medical attention, and Sunset staff agreed to house the copter until the pilot could come back for it.  Made for some fun stories and great picture opportunities, as many in attendance to the wedding were Volkswagen owners who parked their beloved cars protectively around the helicopter.

The short and sweet ceremony was held in the Bungalow’s yard, fenced off by lovely hedges.  With the high temperature reaching only about 75 degrees, Mother Nature provided a beautiful day for a wedding. The reception happened inside, with tables decorated by centerpieces of flowers and fancy, hand-made pinwheels.  I adopted a couple of unwanted pinwheels after the ceremony.  Kinney Bungalow is a very lovely place to hold a small to medium size wedding, with the dining area a bit separated from the dance floor. The cows showed up at the fence near the back parking lot, so after dinner, we watched them graze for a bit.  The fireplace was lit by a dozen or so hurricane candles, which gave a soft ambience.  The DJ was a friend of the groom’s and did not spin the “typical” reception tunes like ‘Macarena’ or ‘to the left, to the left, to the left’ or any ‘Whoa, Superman’ dancing.  Instead he spun some awesome 80’s music, including Duran Duran and David Bowie, and mixed a techno version of Aha’s “Take Me On.”  He threw in some house music, which got the Mister moving, and even a bit of modern dub or whatever you call it, resulting in the Boy hitting the dance floor.  The staff at Kinney Bungalow even got into the groove sometimes with the charismatic groomsmen.  A couple of mosh pits broke out, as Iron Maiden and even punk rock blasted their way into the reception.

What made this wedding so remarkable and memorable, was that it catered to our friends’ individualism.  The groom’s handle-bar mustache was combed to perfection.  Several half- and full-sleeves of tattoos (mostly on women) shined during the ceremony, making my inked rose at the nape of my neck feel quite inadequate.  The justice of the pease read notes pinned inside a Performance VW magazine.  And many of the men had to spend quite some time watching instructional YouTube videos to help with tying their neckties.  For although various piercings, tight pants, and bushy beards may be the normal attire, ties certainly are not.