It’s the first school term, which means fall sports are well underway! At many schools across this great nation, two different teams of cleats tread down that green field painted with yard and goal lines.  One is football, the other is that sport wear a bunch of heavily padded guys cradle a ball, stop, and huddle a lot.  Oh that’s right.  We silly Americans call the latter ‘football’ and the true futbol/football, soccer.

My son joined the soccer team this year.  They practice for almost two hours after school on every day they do not have a game.  Fridays are often home games, and they have to clear the field in time for the seven o’clock other football game.  This week, the threat of West Nile virus in the area caused the school to end all extra curricular activities and sports before six o’clock.  Therefore, the soccer game was postponed to make way for the more popular football.  This will be ending once the cooler temperatures of autumn settle in, and all those disease carrying mosquitos die off.

The Boy says the ‘football’ team calls them “foot fairies,” and calls the girls’ team “fairies.” Hmph.  Fairies?  Really?  In futbol, the ball is not coddled and cradled like a baby, and thrown only if it lands out-of-bounds or once the goal keeper catches it while guarding the goal.  It is actually kicked by the foot, dribbled down the field while the athlete runs with it, passed to other players by way of kicking, and pounded into a goal by way of, you guessed it, kicking with the foot.

Since a futbol cannot be touched by most players’ hands, they must intercept a kick by using their feet, chest, or head.  I have seen some lovely bruises from players taking a launched soccer ball to the chest.  Ankles have been twisted by proper tackling or fighting over the ball.  And last week, the captain of the Boy’s team received a broken nose from the elbow of the opposing player when they went in the air for a ball.  Nothing “fairy” about that.

So “foot fairies” the American football players call them?  Hmph.
Says the guys who wear tights and jump on other guys who wear tights.