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After the Frankenstorm — October 31, 2012

After the Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy blasted New York and New Jersey and sent damaging rain storms with floods and power outages which affected 7 million people along the Eastern Seaboard.
And I am very thankfully not one of those 7 million living in the dark or under water.  Prayers from friends, family, myself and even fellow WordPress readers were heard.  None of the limbs or trees that came down in our neighborhood took out our power, landed on homes, punctured garages, or smashed cars and Sandy did in other communities. I guess Hurricane Irene and the Deep Freeze of 2011 Halloween tore down enough limbs to spare us this year.
Trick or Treating will take place tonight in Chelmsford, Lowell, Andover, and Lawrence.  North Andover and Methuen have postponed their festivities until the weekend.  But put on the rubber boots, kiddies, it is still wet out there.
We might even see the sun today, for clouds are slowly rolling away.
But keep our 97,000 neighbors in Massachusetts that remain without power in your prayers.  Public transportation in major cities around the Northeast remain shut down due to rising waters.  A historic amusement park in New Jersey is scattered along the boardwalk.  And remember that many in our sister states are flooded and lives have been lost.  We are not out of the storm yet, as rebuilding may be very costly to our nation.
So keep the prayers coming.  But also lend a hand in your community if needed.  Help with clean up and lend support.  Offer your shower to those that don’t have running water or a warm meal to those that cannot cook.  We were in that position last year, and are still grateful to those that opened their homes to us.

Deadmau5 in the House! — October 30, 2012

Deadmau5 in the House!

Just joking.  It’s my son’s Halloween costume, wonderfully crafted by my husband.

Way cool Halloween costume.
Just joking.  It really is DJ sensation Deadmau5, standing in my kitchen in a supersweet black mouse head with neon green eyes and mouth.  Okay, so maybe not.
It was quite the chore for him to get around the house, down hallways and through door entrances without banging his ginormous ears into anything before his party on Sunday.  He claimed he did not hit anyone or take anyone out with those ears, even thought I encouraged him to.
I wanted to be Deadmau5 also, but with a white or pink helmet with a bow on it, and eyelashes painted around the eyes.  Make it all cute and girly.  But crafting one mouse head was enough for this family….for now.
Here She Comes!! — October 29, 2012

Here She Comes!!

The rain’s a pourin’!
The sea churns along the coast!
The wind is howlin’! (60 mph gusts in places!)
Branches and limbs are falling down!
And the lights are flickerin’!
And I’m bloggin’!

Subways are closed from New York to at least Boston, and more public transportation services continue to shut down one by one. The airport in Connecticut is closed.  Rumors are spreading that Interstate 95 may be shut down in some areas and Highway 28 is closed at Cape Cod.  Umbrellas have been just a stupid idea all day long, unless you have a Mary Poppins grip on it.  By 2:00, my raincoat was wearing me.  The Boy heard schools may be closed through Thursday, but Governor Patick just stated he is not ready to shut down any government offices or schools tomorrow just yet.

And the worst is reportedly still to come.  Massachusetts was just informed to hang on until about 11:00 as Sandy Frankstorm barrels towards New Jersey with a big Mua ha HAAAAA in time for Halloween.

Ahem, Excuse Me Mother Nature, Again….. — October 28, 2012

Ahem, Excuse Me Mother Nature, Again…..

I moved my Southern-fried soul here to Massachusetts for a few great reasons: lots of jobs in the mental health field (is everyone up here crazy?), an awesome Volkswagen scene, close to many major cities, no giant cockroaches, and not many natural disasters in the way of tornadoes or hurricanes.
But in the last five years we’ve resided here, we’ve lost power every damn year.  Heavy snows droop trees and knock down power lines.  Gust of winds tear down the lines.  A tornado touched down west of here a couple of years ago.  Hurricane Irene slammed into New England last year with a vengeance, leaving loads of us in the dark, not to mention demolishing trees and washing away roads in Vermont.  Then a deep freeze ruined Halloween for all the kiddies.  Last week, an earthquake rattled the town I work in, trembling the Everett Mills Building.  I wasn’t there at the time, thankfully, for I have never experienced the ground shifting beneath me and would probably have panicked.
Really? Hurricanes and earthquakes?!
Now Hurricane Sandy, aka “Frankenstorm,” is creeping up the Atlantic towards the Northeast.
Sigh.  Good grief.
The good news is: it is still relatively warm with highs in the 50’s, so we won’t have snow just yet.  But heavy rains and wind gusts up to 60 MPH are predicted for Monday.  The Boy, the Mister and I are preparing for another Halloween in the dark.  Trick or treating may be cancelled again this year.  Crap!  I depend on Halloween for my chocolate fix until Christmas!  And when we lose power, we lose  e v e r y t h i n g.  No lights, no heat, no water.  Batteries and candles are in stock at this house, along with food that can be cooked on the grill.  I’ve got plenty of books to read by fireplace or flashlight.
So good luck, everyone in Frankenstorm’s path!

Frightful Quotes, Part II — October 27, 2012

Frightful Quotes, Part II

Here is another round of my favorite quotes from the spooky side of life.  Enjoy!

“Look at her, Thing.  I would die for her.  I would kill for her.  Either way, what bliss!” Gomez Addams, The Addams Family Movie.

“We’ve had a doozy of a day, Officer. There we we’re mindin’ our own business. Makin’ some improvements to our new vacation home. When all the sudden these kids start killin’ themselves all over my property!” Tucker in Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.

“Yeah, I had to dismember that guy with a trowel.”
“I’m sorry I let you get attacked by a werewolf and then ended the world.”
Both from Marty in Cabin in the Woods. 

A couple from AMC’s The Walking Dead:
“You believe in a blood sucking dog? (chupacabra) -Seth
“You believe in the dead walking around?” -Daryl.

“I shot Daryl,” -Andrea.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself.  We’ve all wanted to shoot Daryl,” -Dale.

“She turned into a raven and then flew back to hell,” Tessa from ABC’s Suburgatory. 

“Questions?” -DJ
“Yes, umm, are you nuts? I don’t wanna steal drugs from my father, I don’t wanna go inside a monster, and I don’t wanna die!” – Chowder, Monster House 

From Shawn of the Dead:
“We may have to kill my stepdad,” Shawn to Ed.
Liz, screaming:  “EVERYBODY CALM THE F*&# DOWN!!!”

“If you put me in the dark, she’ll get me,” Michael from Darkness Falls.

“I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy,” Freddy Krueger.
“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, Six, get your crucifix.
Seven, eight, stay up late.
Nine, ten, never sleep again.”  Nightmare on Elm Street.

“May be innocent, may be sweet…ain’t half as good as rotting meat,” Blix the demon, Legend.

“Dib! Are you trying to bring the dead back to life again?” Professor Membrane, Invader Zim.

“I’m not alone in the dark.  I like the dark.  I love the dark.  But I hate nature, I hate nature!” Chunk, The Goonies.

Check out my first list of Favorite Frightful Quotes!

“CPR makes you undead….” — October 6, 2012

“CPR makes you undead….”

CPR is something everyone should know and can truthfully save a life.  You never know when you are going to need it: work, home, dining at a restaurant, stuck in traffic, or during a zombie apocalypse.  Even if you have succumbed to the virus and joined the ranks of the walking dead, as this video shows:

CPR makes you undead.

Very creative way to encourage people to learn a needed skill, just in time for Halloween.  Wonder what they have for Christmas?

Beautiful dots to the rescue!! — October 5, 2012

Beautiful dots to the rescue!!

This Beautiful Moment was brought to me by surprise.

Two-thousand and twelve is the year of the wedding.  We were invited to four of them and have one more to go.  The summer and September weddings were no problem, as I wore sleeveless dresses left over from attending Army functions back in the day.  But the upcoming October ceremony gave me fretful feelings as I had no fall dresses.

I searched at Marshall’s and TJ Max, still finding summer dresses or ones that would not compliment the Mister in his sharp tuxedo.  I hoped to hit Fashion Bug, but that place disappeared.  I feared I may have to suck up the cost of a new garment and head to the dreaded mall.  But I spotted a little store called dots  Understanding that it was a store for younger women, I stepped inside anyway.

I had to forcefully remind myself that I only needed to purchase a dress.  For there was a wall of lovely casual work tops and sweaters, racks of awesome jeans, and cute flats, sneakers, and practical heels that would not break my ankles.  I peeled myself away from the clothes I did not need and saw the garment that would save my day.  An elegant, half-sleeved black dress with a swooped neck line.  The absolute wardrobe necessity, Little Black Dress, now in fall form and not just a cocktail dress.  Yes!  My widened and blinked in disbelief at the price tag of $16.

H A L L E L U J A H ! !

At that price, I could get some accessories, such as a lovely necklace (which I did).  And it was buy one piece of jewelry and get one half off (which I did).

So thank you, Lowell, MA for bringing me and thousands of other middle class women a dots to keep us fashionably awesome and financially comfortable.