This Beautiful Moment was brought to me by surprise.

Two-thousand and twelve is the year of the wedding.  We were invited to four of them and have one more to go.  The summer and September weddings were no problem, as I wore sleeveless dresses left over from attending Army functions back in the day.  But the upcoming October ceremony gave me fretful feelings as I had no fall dresses.

I searched at Marshall’s and TJ Max, still finding summer dresses or ones that would not compliment the Mister in his sharp tuxedo.  I hoped to hit Fashion Bug, but that place disappeared.  I feared I may have to suck up the cost of a new garment and head to the dreaded mall.  But I spotted a little store called dots  Understanding that it was a store for younger women, I stepped inside anyway.

I had to forcefully remind myself that I only needed to purchase a dress.  For there was a wall of lovely casual work tops and sweaters, racks of awesome jeans, and cute flats, sneakers, and practical heels that would not break my ankles.  I peeled myself away from the clothes I did not need and saw the garment that would save my day.  An elegant, half-sleeved black dress with a swooped neck line.  The absolute wardrobe necessity, Little Black Dress, now in fall form and not just a cocktail dress.  Yes!  My widened and blinked in disbelief at the price tag of $16.

H A L L E L U J A H ! !

At that price, I could get some accessories, such as a lovely necklace (which I did).  And it was buy one piece of jewelry and get one half off (which I did).

So thank you, Lowell, MA for bringing me and thousands of other middle class women a dots to keep us fashionably awesome and financially comfortable.