I moved my Southern-fried soul here to Massachusetts for a few great reasons: lots of jobs in the mental health field (is everyone up here crazy?), an awesome Volkswagen scene, close to many major cities, no giant cockroaches, and not many natural disasters in the way of tornadoes or hurricanes.
But in the last five years we’ve resided here, we’ve lost power every damn year.  Heavy snows droop trees and knock down power lines.  Gust of winds tear down the lines.  A tornado touched down west of here a couple of years ago.  Hurricane Irene slammed into New England last year with a vengeance, leaving loads of us in the dark, not to mention demolishing trees and washing away roads in Vermont.  Then a deep freeze ruined Halloween for all the kiddies.  Last week, an earthquake rattled the town I work in, trembling the Everett Mills Building.  I wasn’t there at the time, thankfully, for I have never experienced the ground shifting beneath me and would probably have panicked.
Really? Hurricanes and earthquakes?!
Now Hurricane Sandy, aka “Frankenstorm,” is creeping up the Atlantic towards the Northeast.
Sigh.  Good grief.
The good news is: it is still relatively warm with highs in the 50’s, so we won’t have snow just yet.  But heavy rains and wind gusts up to 60 MPH are predicted for Monday.  The Boy, the Mister and I are preparing for another Halloween in the dark.  Trick or treating may be cancelled again this year.  Crap!  I depend on Halloween for my chocolate fix until Christmas!  And when we lose power, we lose  e v e r y t h i n g.  No lights, no heat, no water.  Batteries and candles are in stock at this house, along with food that can be cooked on the grill.  I’ve got plenty of books to read by fireplace or flashlight.
So good luck, everyone in Frankenstorm’s path!