The rain’s a pourin’!
The sea churns along the coast!
The wind is howlin’! (60 mph gusts in places!)
Branches and limbs are falling down!
And the lights are flickerin’!
And I’m bloggin’!

Subways are closed from New York to at least Boston, and more public transportation services continue to shut down one by one. The airport in Connecticut is closed.  Rumors are spreading that Interstate 95 may be shut down in some areas and Highway 28 is closed at Cape Cod.  Umbrellas have been just a stupid idea all day long, unless you have a Mary Poppins grip on it.  By 2:00, my raincoat was wearing me.  The Boy heard schools may be closed through Thursday, but Governor Patick just stated he is not ready to shut down any government offices or schools tomorrow just yet.

And the worst is reportedly still to come.  Massachusetts was just informed to hang on until about 11:00 as Sandy Frankstorm barrels towards New Jersey with a big Mua ha HAAAAA in time for Halloween.