Hurricane Sandy blasted New York and New Jersey and sent damaging rain storms with floods and power outages which affected 7 million people along the Eastern Seaboard.
And I am very thankfully not one of those 7 million living in the dark or under water.  Prayers from friends, family, myself and even fellow WordPress readers were heard.  None of the limbs or trees that came down in our neighborhood took out our power, landed on homes, punctured garages, or smashed cars and Sandy did in other communities. I guess Hurricane Irene and the Deep Freeze of 2011 Halloween tore down enough limbs to spare us this year.
Trick or Treating will take place tonight in Chelmsford, Lowell, Andover, and Lawrence.  North Andover and Methuen have postponed their festivities until the weekend.  But put on the rubber boots, kiddies, it is still wet out there.
We might even see the sun today, for clouds are slowly rolling away.
But keep our 97,000 neighbors in Massachusetts that remain without power in your prayers.  Public transportation in major cities around the Northeast remain shut down due to rising waters.  A historic amusement park in New Jersey is scattered along the boardwalk.  And remember that many in our sister states are flooded and lives have been lost.  We are not out of the storm yet, as rebuilding may be very costly to our nation.
So keep the prayers coming.  But also lend a hand in your community if needed.  Help with clean up and lend support.  Offer your shower to those that don’t have running water or a warm meal to those that cannot cook.  We were in that position last year, and are still grateful to those that opened their homes to us.