My son’s “Winter” band concert was earlier this week.  Not a “Christmas” concert, or even a “Holiday” concert.  following the band’s few carols, the large chorus sang some tunes.  We had a White Christmas, the girls asked Santa, Baby for some expensive material things, and they also belted out a creative Nightmare Before Christmas medley.  There was also a Hanukkah song, with a surprising solo from my son’s friend that I did not even know could sing.

But no Silent Night, heralding angels, or Little Star of Bethlehem leading Three Kings or even a Little Drummer Boy to a stable in a manger where a baby was born to a virgin.  Don’t worry, this Southern Fried Cristian woman is not offended that her God was not included in a high school musical.

But it did get me wondering if we are heading towards the South Park episode where a few people were offended by religious symbols, which resulted in no holiday decorations and a crappy school play.  Yet, it brings me comfort to remember all the reasons I celebrate this crazy holiday.  During this season, I grieve past losses, make sure everyone else is pleased, have crying spells, and often lose my mind.  So reminding myself that Christmas is much more than presents and decorations keeps me grounded.

So, I’d like to challenge everyone who ridicules the 75 percent of the world who believes in a “higher power” or spends the holidays in the realms of faith, belief and hope.  Before you try to take Christ out of Christmas or question a menorah, I’d like to know something.

Why do you celebrate the holidays?  What do you do?  Put up a tree for no sentimental reason?  Spend a ton of money on a bunch of gifts or get yourself in debt?  Tolerate a dysfunctional family because you feel obliged to do so during the holidays?  Encourage your children to believe in a fat white guy that somehow squashes himself down the chimney to give them gifts?


But I guess we all have our own individual reasons for celebrating this time of year.  So whether you celebrate the birth of a savior, remember eight miraculous nights, burn a yule log, or send yourself into an early grave pleasing everyone else just for the sake that media says you should:  Happy Holidays, y’all.