Merry Christmas from Boston!

This Beautiful Moment is brought to you by the great city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Trees lit up in the Quincy Market.

Trees lit up in the Quincy Market.

On Christmas Eve’s eve, we took an urban adventure to Quincy Market in Boston.  I really wanted to check out Blink, the city’s newest holiday light show.  Every thirty minutes, the thousands of LED lights on the trees, the wreaths, and on the biggest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen in my life, blink to the sound of music recorded by the Boston Pops.

We perched ourselves on the balcony by some shops to get a great view of this mother-load of a tree and the line of other plants all a-glow.


Between shows, we hit Newbury Comics .  I continued my search for the skateboarding movie Search For Animal Chin, but my search continues.  Yet, Newbury always proves to be a great place to get unique gifts, such as a book of Banksy’s incredible street art.  😉

Lastly, we stood amongst the smaller trees to view another Blink performance.  I have attempted more than once to insert the video we took of one of the performances, but WordPress keeps giving me an error message.  :p~~~  So I’ll put in another picture of the ginormous tree with the clock tower in the distance.

Ta da!!  Many blessings to you and your loved ones this holiday season!



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