The other day, I drove down Essex Street here in Lawrence, MA for work.  And ambulance, with its sirens screeching and lights flashing, approached the intersection from the opposite directions.  Those of us stopped at the red light scooted over to the right to allow for room.
Now, I don’t know about you all, but when I am driving in an urban downtown environment and hear sirens, I cautiously approach intersections since I do not know where the vehicle may come from.  Apparently people in Lawrence do NOT hold this same belief.
Traffic on Essex Street is stopped to let the ambulance through.  Yet cars blasted through the intersection on the adjacent avenue.  Including a Lawrence Fire Department vehicle.  The ambulance nearly t-boned him.
Let me emphasize this moment.  A Lawrence Fire Department vehicle zipped through an intersection in front of an in-route ambulance.  One vehicle that helps impose safety was nearly hit by another such automobile.  I can just picture the headlines.
In my mind, I saw the accident in the opposite lane.  I pictured myself passing by the disabled Fire Department vehicle with my window rolled down, laughing maniacally and shouting “Loser!” with my thumb and forefinger in the shape of an “L” on my forehead.  Instead I watched the EMT in the ambulance shake his head as he passed me by.