That be my green VW Beetle blanketed by over 1 foot of snow!  Behind her is the Mister’s Jeep Cherokee.  This was the scene before we attacked the powder with shovels.  Our neighbor strolled through with the snow blower, which was a great help.  In all my gracefulness, I toppled into the knee-deep snow at least twice while trying to walk around.

When hearing that Massachusetts may break its snow accumulation record, accompanied by hurricane force winds, I took Friday off and schools were cancelled. On Thursday, I ventured to the grocery store for a few items to get us through the weekend, including batteries  The bread aisle was bare at Market Basket.  I prepared the fireplace for some burning and filled the bathtub with water.  Because major storms in Massachusetts usually means power outages.

But I believe the good Lord saw fit to spare us again, as our lights, heat, and water remained on during the blizzard.  I guess He thinks four years of losing power was enough for us.  Snow fell steadily for about twelve hours in our part of the woods.  White-out conditions hit on Saturday morning.  A travel ban was enforced on Mass highways; we were to be off the roads by 4 pm on Friday and remain off during Saturday as plows cleared our roads.  Although some may have griped about the ban, I’d rather be banned than deal with 350 car wrecks like Ontario did.

Now on Monday, many schools remain closed.  We now brace for one or two inches of rain/sleet/snow.  Argh.

Snow banks are about 5 feet high, y’all.  So actually stop at stop signs and ease into intersections, people.